“some people play the guitar. others play drums. some people prefer the sax. we, we prefer playing zelda.” -Youtube comment by Popizanetti.

First, there was Mario Paint, with which we can dabble with and be proud of our genius musical compositions. Why stop there, though? Ladies and gentleman, BusinessDog2000 presents his cover of Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (above). Majora’s Mask offers four different instruments, and with the wonderful world of C buttons-A button-joystick maneuvers, why, the possibilities are endless. Browse through BusinessDog2000’s Youtube channel for more song covers starring Link.

Two worlds collide… LandoftheEpic here plays Link’s instruments to Phoenix Wright soundtrack with some careful editing. I love the Ace Attorney series with a burning passion of a thousand suns, so of course coming across this brightened up my day.

Though this isn’t exactly Link playing the song, the way MrRoboto113 synced it up is quite amusing, indeed. The song is called “Flute” by the Barcode Brothers.

People definitely should try to make more of these for our entertainment. Thank you, BusinessDog2000, Lion King FTW. Now, here below is a somewhat related bonus video that I just had to throw in; a Japanese man is playing the “Song of Time” on an ocarina…made out of a carrot. A freaking carrot:

Do check out Heita3‘s Youtube channel. He makes ocarinas out of various vegetables (broccoli, ginger, etc.)… and heck, let’s even throw in an ostrich egg.

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