Darkness that Zelda Deserves

I would think that by now there is no doubt among all of you loyal Zelda Informer viewers that we pride ourselves on our articles. Right from the fully-fledged, intensely in-depth Bombers articles, to the opinionated, reader-stirring casuals. Yeah, we’re proud to have been the first Zelda fansite to focus on Zelda-related articles, but now, years down the track, we’re not the only place who does it anymore.

No, I’m not talking about Zelda Universe’s writing team, or what happens over at The Hidden Triforce. I’m talking about the collaborative project known as Zelda Wiki.org, which Zelda Informer takes an active role in running. Well, Zelda Wiki.org doesn’t just offer factual encyclopedic articles, it also offers the occasional opinionated piece, referred to as wiki exclusives.

Just the other day, wiki exclusive number six was released, entitled,”The Darkness that Zelda Deserves”. Written by Brent McBride, the article contends that by giving future titles in the Zelda series deeper and darker storylines, the gaming experience can be enhanced. It makes for a very interesting read, so head on over and check it out. The article can be found here, and if you’re up for some more reading check out the wiki exclusive archives.

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