Hilarities of the Timeline

I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I first watched this, but it’s actually very amusing, witty and all ‘round entertaining. To sum it up for you, this “Link to the Future” Fanfilm by 3GI industries does a bit of a Back to the Future style Doc trying to explain the timeline to The Hero of Time, and why he needs to go back in time.

Whether or not you agree with their placements of the games, it’s a refreshing satire – reminding us that sometimes instead of getting all caught up and frustrated by the complexities of the timeline, it’s better to look at it from a less-serious side. Their ultimate question rings true: why can’t the Zelda series have a normal timeline? It’s only a six minute segment, which says its to be continued, so check it out below.

Source: YouTube (via Facebook tip) – thanks for the tip Michael.

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