That’s right! You heard right! Not only do we have a brand spanking new

archive for The Bombers, but we also bring you a ton of Zelda comics

and manga to enjoy!

For the longest time the Bombers page has just been a list of articles the team has produced. While this was all good back when the group was young, the articles soon started piling up. Now, after over a years wait, I present to you the new archive!

I’ve made it so that you can browse the article database by author, category subject and month of release. Quite a facelift, huh?

Speaking of The Bombers, we’re finally returning to a regular release schedule after a somewhat unsteady couple of months. You can expect bi-weekly articles to be released here on fridays from here on.

We also have another announcement, which is *ahem* a little late thanks to me being busy and forgetful. A while ago we opened the Zelda Comics & Manga section for business. We’ve compiled all the Zelda comics known to man and packed them up for your reading enjoyment. I’d like to thank Felix, Moon and Nick for helping me with that.

Happy reading!

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