Welcome to Zora's Waterfall The Happy Mask Shop gets a facelift Closeup of Link in Hyrule Field

Heading out from Hyrule Castle Adult Link armed with his full arsenal The Sheikah's Vision Stone

Ocarina of Time 3D‘s release is just one week away, and so Nintendo of Europe has furnished a ton of new, excellent-quality screenshots to hold us over for the next few days. A lot of these shots show content we’ve never seen before in official materials, and it all looks great if you ask me. We’re definitely looking at Ocarina of Time as we’ve never seen it before. Check out more screens below. Unfortunately, there are still too many for your average news post, so take a look at our Ocarina of Time 3D screenshot gallery for the rest of the images (under the “June 2011” heading).

Remember: we’re aiming to bring the same level of high-quality images to our Ocarina of Time 3D walkthrough sometime down the line. As soon as we find a way to capture screenshots reliably we’ll implement them with all speed. For now, though, enjoy the official screens!

Battling the Gohma Larva inside the Deku Tree Take a look at the guts inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Fighting Gohma in Boss Challenge mode

King Dodongo prepares to fire Rolling King Dodongo Targeting Barinade with the Boomerang

Makin' some progress against… whatever Barinade is exactly Boss Challenge Mode is just a dream…connection to <em>Link’s Awakening</em>?” src=“http://www.zeldadungeon.net/assets_c/2011/06/OoT_3D_6-11_14-thumb-200×120-8529.png” width=“200” height=“120” class=“mt-image-none” style=”” /></a> <a href=Zelda & Impa flee Hyrule Castle

Ganondorf in pursuit The esteemed Deku Tree ...doesn't really need a caption, does it?

Adult Link races across Hyrule Running towards the sunset Kakariko Village beckons

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