Splatoon‘s release is just around the corner, as it releases on the 29th. Many press have early review copies (including our friends over at Gamnesia, who are answering questions about the game). New discoveries are being made every day in the game and finally a sweet Zelda Easter Egg has been discovered. Except… it’s an Easter Egg that actually fits very well in Splatoon, especially when you consider in tandem with another Easter Egg from the Mario series.

An 8-Bit Octorok image can be found on the multiplayer map Urchin Underpass. Along with this image is one of a Blooper from Super Mario Bros. Why do these two fit with the game itself? Well, the inklings are squid like creatures, similar to the Bloopers, while their natural enemies are very similar to octopuses, just like the Octorok. There are sure to be many more Easter Eggs discovered as more of the game is played and future DLC is released.

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