The “Steamed Hams” video meme has taken YouTube by storm, as an innocuous scene from The Simpsons has been humorously transformed in a million different ways. If you’ve gone down the rabbit hole like I have, you know just how far content creators have gone to reconstruct the clip in the most outlandish and hilarious of ways. In fact, the Zelda CD-i games, an old YouTube Poop classic, recently served as the basis for a brand new Steamed Hams video, and the result is what all true memelords strive for.

For those unfamiliar with Steamed Hams, the meme stems from a sequence in the long-running animated sitcom The Simpsons. As part of the Season 7 episode “22 Short Films About Springfield,” Principle Seymour Skinner hosts Superintendant Chalmers for “an unforgettable luncheon,” and, due to a string of misfortune, Skinner must orchestrate an elaborate ruse to impress Chalmers and convince his superior that “steamed hams” is regional slang for hamburgers. To be honest, you should probably just watch the original clip right here if you want to understand anything going on in the video above.

Steamed Hams has grown into a phenomenon in recent months, as the original clip has been subject to countless video replacement remixes and other such edits on YouTube. Just search the phrase “Steamed Hams, but…” and you’ll see what type of shenanigans the internet has been up to. Steamed Hams is the gift that just keeps on giving, I’d say.

YouTube’s Nintendom64 recently released a video titled “‘Steamed Hams’ but it’s Zelda CD-i,” which recreates the original Simpsons clip using characters, graphics, and voice clips from The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon. Almost every line from the original scene is reconstructed using edited sound clips from the infamous Zelda titles, and a few classic CD-i phrases are sprinkled in as well. You’ll certainly hear the wizard say, “squadala!” And in true YouTube Poop fashion, CD-i Link and the CD-i Mario Bros. make a few cameos as well. If you’re having trouble deciphering the garbled dialogue, captions are available on the video.

Be sure to check out Nintendom64’s channel right here for more YouTube Poops featuring your favorite CD-i Zelda characters. And if you want more Steamed Hams, check out a few of my favorites here and here.

Did Nintendom64 steam a good ham? Did this video dazzle like the aurora borealis? Share your praise in the comments below.

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