The title for this week’s Windmill Hut says it all! I do not think there is a flutist on YouTube who has covered some of the songs that 8-BitBrigadier has. Though it is Halloween, jump in and take a moment to listen to these lighthearted Zelda cover songs!

8-BitBrigadier is by far my favorite flutist on YouTube. And he will be yours as well after you listen to this video:

It kind of leaves you with a full heart, doesn’t it? Well, it is the Romance Theme from Skyward Sword, after all. I seriously melt at 0:16, 0:34, and 1:20 because of how beautiful and empowering his performance is. Not to mention how hard it must have been to play the quicker, more lively parts. 8-BitBrigadier is a talented musician in my eyes.

I have a heightened appreciation for all instruments I myself cannot play, I’ll admit, but I find it great that 8-Bit Brigadier went out of his way to produce covers for lesser known Zelda songs such as the Romance Theme and the Ocean’s King Theme—that is a sign of a true Zelda musician. I do not think it matters that he plays it over a recording of the other instruments—I believe his flute playing should be featured the most, and he shines regardless.

Speaking of other instruments, 8-Bit Brigadier actually plays a wide variety of other instruments as well, which you can see featured in his other videos, such as his “Ballad of the Goddess” Cover:

A great deal of other instruments he plays are featured in his other cover videos for games such as Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Kirby Air Ride. He is also a part of PREO (Pokemon ReOrchestrated), so he has a ton of great Pokémon theme cover videos too! Check out his channel and support this awesome and talented game musician!

What did you guys think about his flute covers? Is 8-Bit an inspiration to Zelda flute players everywhere? Do you want him to do more Zelda cover songs? Comment and let us know, and tell 8-BitBrigadier on YouTube!

Source: YouTube

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