A. Get the Hero’s Clothes

  • After the intro cutscenes, go down the ladder from the lookout and follow the dirt trail.
  • Make your way to the house Aryll was seen at in the beginning.
  • Once inside, head up the ladder for a cutscene to occur.


B. Get the Telescope

  • Once the cutscene ends, return to the lookout.
  • Follow Aryll’s instructions by focusing on the man near the mailbox and zooming in for another cutscene.


C. Get the Sword

  • Return to the red mailbox and go into the two-story building located beside it.
  • Speak the man inside and follow the instructions given to receive the Hero’s Sword.
  • Follow the path back to the lookout, but take a right and head up the mountain instead.
  • Cut through the trees to open a path and continue down it, crossing the bridge and into the hole in the mountain.
  • Continue forward, defeating any enemies along the way.
  • After each cutscene occurs return to your Grandma’s house.
  • Head up the ladder and then back down.
  • Return to group and tell them you’re ready to leave.


D. Get the Spoils Bag

  • Turn around and head towards the door seen immediately in front of you.
  • Once inside, head down the stairs.
  • Accept the challenge and follow the instructions given to make your way across without falling down.
  • Open the chest for the Spoils Bag.
  • Head back onto the deck of the ship.