The title theme of The Wind Waker is an absolutely magical piece of music. Inspired by traditional Irish music, the theme makes excellent use of strings and harps to capture the freedom and whimsy of Link’s seafaring adventure. Admittedly, as great as it is, I never thought this tune was versatile enough to exist beyond its original genre. But count me proven wrong, because musician Ace Waters has released an amazing synth cover of The Wind Waker‘s title theme that takes the tune to some exciting new places.

While maintaining the original’s unmistakable melody, this synthesized reimagining of The Wind Waker‘s theme achieves a mood far different than anything I thought imaginable. It now sounds more fitting for a science fiction adventure in space than a game set on the open ocean! Letting a spacey soundscape carry its opening minutes, the song starts to build on itself with different keyboard sounds, an acoustic guitar, and a GameBoy. To me, certain movements sound a bit like the works of progressive rock bands Styx and Yes, with strong piano leads handling the theme’s main melody. I doubt the Zelda series will ever move into the science fiction sphere, but this excellent remix demonstrates the perfect musical direction a game should take for when that day comes.

This cover serves as Ace Water’s final release for Zelda Month 2018. As is tradition, the musician has made all of his Zelda Month arrangements available on his Bandcamp page right here, where you can name your own price. Downloading the entire EP will even net you a silly synth mash-up of Prince Sidon’s theme from Breath of the Wild and the theme of WWE superstar John Cena.

For more awesome synth covers by Ace Waters, check out his versions of Zelda II‘s Palace theme and “Fi’s Farewell” from Skyward Sword. Also be sure to check out the musician’s Bandcamp here and Patreon here.

What do you think of spacey version of Wind Waker‘s theme? Do you think Link could ever explore the stars with a band of space pirates? Share your thoughts down below!

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