Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:


Last week Nintendo accidentally released a trailer earlier than intended which showcased elements of the Hero mode in The Wind Waker HD. However, it also showed the new Zelda-themed GamePad from the then-unannounced Wii U bundle. They quickly took down the trailer when they realized their error, but now that the official announcement for that Wii U bundle has finally come, they’ve reposted the trailer!

You can take a glance at the trailer after the jump and see what all the fuss is about regarding Hero mode!

Hero mode will be available right away when you start a new file in the upcoming Wii U title and should be a great challenge for those looking for a much harder difficulty.

Are you excited that you can play Hero mode in The Wind Waker HD right on your first playthrough? Will you be purchasing The Wind Waker HD on launch day? Are you a fan of Hero mode? Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think!

Source: YouTube

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