The Wind Waker HD guide update

061The The Wind Waker is set to release in just a few days and we are working hard to upgrade The Wind Waker Walkthrough. We’ve continued to make our way through the guide and it is now completely rebuilt through the first nine chapters, which covers up through the Tower of the Gods. The guide consists of improved text, all new pictures, and all the changes from the Nintendo Wii U version. If you’d like to see the games’ graphical changes, our guide now consists of over 550 images.

Obviously if you have never played The Wind Waker, you should stay far away from this page until the game releases, as it contains natural progression spoilers. If you’ve already played the game and want to see a closer look at what the updated graphics look like, there are plenty of still images for you to check out. We’re working hard to get the vast majority of the walkthrough rebuilt by the time the game releases on September 20th. Stay tuned!

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