The Wind Waker – A Movie Poster

Is there anything you can’t find on Etsy? I would honestly like to know, because it seems that every day we discover something spectacular, original, and just overall creative. Though we’ve seen “movie poster” style fan artwork inspired by video games, and particularly the Zelda series. I would even go as far as saying that some of the fan artwork is much better than official artwork, though both have their respective purposes.

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Somewhere, this poster is hanging on a proud wall and is visible for all to admire in its physical glory. For some of us, it will just be an arrangement of pixels from the Internet, but surely this will become a part of more people’s lives.

This might be one of the first times I’ve seen The Wind Waker portrayed in a darker sense. The seas are particularly rough, and Link is guided by the bright, full (and particularly large) moon. Though all of the details are given the carefullest attention, the overall simplicity of the idea is beautiful.

And what kind of Etsy product would exist that couldn’t also exist in your home? This print is available on its Etsy page, and you can browse some of the creator’s other work on DirtyGreatPixelsUK’s profile. Though this The Wind Waker print is about $33 (plus shipping), if you have the cash, this might be a perfect gift for a Zelda fan you know, or maybe it can hold a special spot in your own abode.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have the money to fund such a purchase for myself, but I do enjoy the design. Hopefully it will be available in the future when my wallet is a bit fuller.

What did you think of the poster? Do you think you’ll grab yourself a print? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Etsy (via Kotaku)

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