The time has finally come for us to face the Water Temple in the newest Zelda Warfare, our segmented race of Ocarina of Time. Mases is trailing by one point and is looking to tie the race up. Though if you ask him, he may tell you he is winning by a point. Talk about a sore sport. Nonetheless, in typical Zelda Warfare fashion, we couldn’t just simply do a straight up run of the Water Temple. For this race we decided that we could not use the Megaton Hammer or Din’s Fire. We also have to use the Giant’s Knife instead of the Master Sword. Other items are limited to when you have to use them for puzzles. For an extra challenge, we tried to make this a semi pacifist run, killing only enemies we had to. It get’s pretty tense!

Leave a comment and let us know who you are rooting for. If you like us both that is cool too! If you want to check out the rest of this series, we’ve conveniently prepared this playlist where you can catch up! We have some other fun series going on over at our Youtube channel. Go over there and show the subscribe button some love if you’d like to follow along with this or some of our other shows.

You can find both of us not engaged in combat on Mases’ Twitter and Gooey’s Twitter.


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