onhho3u__banner-auto-cropping__banner-auto-croppingAmiibo’s Wave 2 has finally arrived (some of Wave 2 arrived a little earlier for some lucky Looters at LootCrate. Guilty as charged), and Amiibo like Luigi, Pit, Little Mac, and more are finally hitting store shelves. Of course, for us Zelda fanatics, one stands out above all, and that’d be Princess Zelda. And in a video uploaded by NihongoGamer, we’re going to see the Princess Zelda Amiibo, unboxed. We’ll even see a battle between a Real Zelda and Amiibo Zelda! And you can check it out after the jump.

In this video, NihongoGamer unboxes the Princess Zelda Amiibo, and showcases Zelda in all her glory. Quite a joy to watch, if I do say so myself.