There are many beautiful pieces of The Legend of Zelda fan art floating around on the Internet, but self-taught Hungarian artist, Adam Scythe, has created a watercolour painting timelapse that truly is a masterpiece.

The previously featured artist posted his 2:57 long video onto his YouTube channel, and it really does showcase his artistic ability. The painting depicts Midna, the princess of the Twilight Realm in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, both her true form and her imp form. Scythe really has captured Midna’s spirit here – giving her her famous mischievous smile, and mysterious eyes.

Having studied art academically myself, I can honestly say that this piece of art really is a shot above the rest – it is by far one of the best pieces of

The Legend of Zelda fan art I have ever seen.

You can check out all of Adam Scythe’s work on his

Facebook, YouTube, DeviantArt, and Etsy pages.

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