While in Europe after receiving his Prince of Asturias Award, everyone’s favourite game creator Shigeru Miyamoto sat down for an interview with French gaming website Gamekult. Uncharacteristically, Miyamoto discussed the meaning behind Link’s physical appearance and name. We’ve already heard that Link’s design was inspired by the Disney interpretation of Peter Pan, but what about his name? Why, exactly, was Link called Link? And what was the original design of the Triforce–what are the pieces made of, anyway? It’s not a secret to everybody anymore! Hit the jump to see Did You Know Gaming‘s take on the information.

Well, that’s not what I expected. The pieces of the Triforce were originally computer chips? The original design of the entire The Legend of Zelda must have been totally different to how it turned out, because I can’t see how that explanation could possibly fit in to our current understanding of the story.

The other bit of information isn’t too surprising, if you think about it laterally. While “set in both the past and the future” might induce images of Link prancing around in Roman London, let’s not forget that the accepted Zelda timeline spans millennia as it is, albeit in a different world. The various incarnations of Link are still the literal “link” between different eras of Hyrule’s history.

What do you think? Does this latest revelation direct from the lips of Shigeru Miyamoto surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamekult (via GoNintendo)

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