Fall is on the horizon! With that, as usual Nintendo fans are restless with the prospect of a Nintendo Direct. Besides that, here at Zelda Dungeon we have our annual Fall Brawl Tournament to look forward to! Our very own Tier Force Heroes gang, consisting of Gooey Fame, Skull Kid Nico, and Corey Richmond, got together to discuss the latest Zelda rumors that are a byproduct of the hopes of a Direct, and to fill out a Fall Brawl bracket!

Unfortunately, Corey couldn’t participate for the majority of the video, but I should say that Nico seems to have very strong telepathic abilities! I found myself agreeing with Gooey on the topic of the rumored ports of The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD: these games have been speculated for what feels like every Direct in the last 4 years. It’s maybe a safe bet to assume they’d come to Switch eventually considering most Wii U games have, but adding them into a rumor/leak is sort of telling people what they want to hear. Needless to say, of course it’d be cool, but I’m not expecting them. Nico also brought up Breath of the Wild 2, and expressed the desire I think we all have – please just give us something about it!

From there, they shifted focus to filling out a Fall Brawl bracket, hence the title of Bracket Force Heroes! Watching their picks was really interesting, and I enjoyed Gooey’s commentary on the “meta” of predicting how characters might get voted by people. He mentioned in the past non-Zelda characters tend to not perform well, based on previous Fall Brawls, which is true. It’s definitely an aspect to perhaps keep in mind while making predictions, but I think considering this is a completely different theme than exclusively Zelda characters against each other, it could really go either way once voting begins. That said, I do think the Tier Force team made a fatal mistake choosing the Crimson Loftwing to beat Captain Falcon, and to be putting the character through so far, even over Vaati, which was even more crazy to me! Overall, I think their end results were reasonable.

Check out the video above to see their full thought process as they filled out their Fall Brawl bracket, and for more Tier Force Heroes content be sure to subscribe to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube channel! After watching the video, if you’re inspired to fill out your own Fall Brawl bracket you can do so over on Challonge!

Let us know how your thoughts on the latest rumors, and how well you think the Tier Force Heroes team did on their bracket!

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