Youtuber HMK recently posted a new theory centered around information gleaned from Breath of the Wild in regards to Hyrule’s self-destruction.

HMK starts out by talking about King Rhoam’s explanation about a prophecy, foretelling the return of Calamity Ganon.  He then introduces his theory that this prophecy was in fact set up to frighten the King of Hyrule into the action of excavating the long lost Sheikah technology, the Devine Beasts and Guardians, so that they could be used in the realm’s defense in the case of Calamity Ganon’s eventual return.

Further explanation informs viewers that the Yiga Clan, who are in fact Sheikah defectors and have pledged their loyalty to Ganon, could easily have passed Sheikah information and secrets about the Devine Beasts and Guardians along to their idol.

HMK goes on to state that, in his theory, a member of the Yiga Clan could easily have infiltrated the Sheikah to prophesize the return of Calamity Ganon and so advise the Royal Family of Hyrule that the best way to protect their kingdom would be to use the Sheikah’s lost technology. With Calamity Ganon’s knowledge of the weapons, he would be poised to take control of the Devine Beasts and Guardians, therefore causing optimum destruction throughout the land.

HMK supposes that ten thousand years ago, the Royal family of Hyrule feared the Sheikah technology so much, that they banished it.  Members of the Sheikah who felt betrayed by this action then defected, and, as such, the actions of the Royal Family led to the downfall of their own kingdom through the Yiga Clan, who implemented their plan to bring Calamity Ganon to power.

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