Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

The Sacred Realm, April Artwork

Today marks the launch of The Sacred Realm. The Sacred Realm is the relaunch of one of our closest affiliates, Legends and Adventure. Lysia, the Webmaster at The Sacred Realm has been a friend of mine for much of the past several years, and is even active here at the Zelda Dungeon forums from time to time. The layout is a nice step above their previous one, and I love the mood it sends when I go there. The Sacred Realm brings with them all the great things that were at Legends and Adventure, including a whole database of Fan submissions, a lively forum, and a home of the well known Zelda fan movie, The Hero of Time. You should certainly take a look at their lovely new website.

Our monthly artwork update includes five pieces from artists who recently submitted material to North Castle.

Hyrule Castle Dungeon by Aline Mendes
AoL Zelda Spellcasting by CrazyFreak
The Fool by Malu CLBS
Our Story – Midna and Link by Rebeca Orantes
Predecessor by Shadsie

All five pieces are brilliantly done, but to me, I really like ‘The Fool’. Why not tell us which is your favorite of the artwork listed by commenting at the forums.

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