With the release of Hyrule Historia, the official timeline and chronology of the Zelda games was released, putting an end to all speculation concerning the order in which the games take place. It was the final word in what was more than a decade of fierce debate and confusion amongst fans who yearned for the truth about the official order of the Links who had appeared numerous times in Hyrule. Or was it? According to user JoeyKazooie, the timeline included in Hyrule Historia was missing some vital information, prompting him to create the real Zelda timeline which Nintendo doesn’t want us to see. Interested? Hit the jump to see!

It all makes sense now. Everything from the Era of the Spinoff World’s Creation to the triple split leading to the seperate CD-i, Super Smash Bros. and Tingle timelines comes together seamlessly to make me realise that Nintendo truly were lying all along. I fully expect a re-print of Hyrule Historia, this time including the real timeline so that fans will be deluded by Nintendo’s deceit no more.

But jokes aside, this is a very well-done and funny alternative rendition of the Zelda timeline. I think some fans were actually puzzled at the fact that the spinoff games were excluded from the official timeline, so it’s good that there is now a rough guide to the chronology of the less-celebrated Zelda games and other mediums such as the animated series and the manga for reference to those who still think that the official timeline features in Hyrule Historia is, for whatever reason, sub-standard.

But what do you think? Do you think that there could still be some improvements made to the official timeline? Are you, like myself, glad that Tingle finally has a place in the history of Hyrule? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo

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