I was originally working on the Ocarina of Time walkthrough over a year and a half ago. Man, it really has been a long time… When Phantom Hourglass was released in the USA on October 1st, 2007, Mases and I dropped everything and worked together to pump out the PH section (which was instantly in demand and we were one of the only sites to supply it). The results of our team effort was well worth it, and through the experience, I improved my own coding style for the guides.

After various other projects down the line (and some I’m still working on), I returned to finish up the Ocarina of Time walkthrough, with a sudden jump in the overall quality of the guide… Now that it’s done, I’m going back to fix up the first few chapters and finalize the order of Skulltula tokens and Heart Pieces. With all that being said, here’s the redone first two chapters of the walkthrough.

~ Ocarina of Time: Site Walkthrough ~
Chapter 1 – Kokiri’s Emerald
Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny

~ Caleb
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