Miyamoto has made some crazy comments about his much-loved Zelda franchise in the past, but this is just ridiculous.  Our friends over at GenGAME recently reported that Mr. Miyamoto told Polygon about his plans for the Oracle games in their early development.  He stated that he wanted the games to be more episodic, and development for the games actually began with the notion of trying to sell each dungeon individually!

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This basically meant that players would have gotten to experience a longer, more extended version of the game, while developers had an opportunity to design more dungeons and overall expand the game with new content.  Miyamoto also stated that while he decided against the notion fairly early into development, he now thinks it would make more sense thanks to the easy access to downloadable content, and that Nintendo is already working on going further with this sort of idea.

“When we first released The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Ages and Oracle of Seasons on GameBoy Color many years ago, the original idea for those games was for them to be more episodic in content and the development actually started with the notion of potentially trying to sell dungeons individually.

At the time that we were working on the Oracle games, we felt that it just wasn’t right to deliver the game in that fashion. But when we look at, for example, what we’ve done with the eShop and the possibilities that lie there and particularly with the fact that we’re able to patch now existing games that have already been released, that then opens up the possibility for downloadable content or adding new levels to a game that’s already been released.

So certainly we’re seeing the way that this is already changing things and it’s definitely an area that we’re still looking at and we’ll continue to look at. From where the technology is and the eShop has developed to at this point, we do have the ability to sell as a package game or only as a digital game, we have the ability to sell in increments or different installments so we can explore those different functions.”

Could it be that new content is being worked on for the 3DS eShop versions of these games? That seems like a fantastic idea in my opinion.  But what do you guys think?  Should Nintendo sell DLC for an already released game, or do you think Nintendo shouldn’t change things with the Oracle games?  Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Polygon via GenGame