Last week, we reported on an odd teaser video consisting of new peripheral devices for the Switch Joy-Cons. The video promised that more info would be delivered September 12th, and yesterday Nintendo followed through with a new video unveiling Ringfit Adventure!

Ringfit Adventure is a fitness-fueled RPG. After inserting the Joy-Con’s in their designated area on the “Ring-Con” and “Leg-Strap” accessories, the game can begin! The Ring-Con reacts to force, such as pushing two sides of the ring together, or pulling them apart; while the Leg-Strap reacts to lower body movement. You will use them both to perform various action or movement prompts that will transfer to your in-game character. For example, jogging in place is how you can move the character forward. There is an option to adjust the game to a fitness level you feel comfortable with, if the pre-set one is too challenging.

Adventure Mode is like the story mode of this game. The premise of the RPG is simple: save the world from an evil body-building dragon named Drago. Throughout the adventure, you’ll encounter enemies, and “Fitness Battles” will ensue. This is just a typical turned-based fighting segment; however, to deal damage to an opponent you must perform some prompted exercises. There is also a bit of strategy involved; enemies will be different colors, so the only way to deal maximum damage to a certain enemy is by completing a correlating Fit Skill, which target and workout different areas of your body. Your success in these battle phases will depend on the accuracy of your movements, and the experience points you earn in these battles will go towards leveling up your character. Leveling up improves the character’s offensive and defensive stats, and unlocks new Fitness Skills to use in the future.

Aside from Adventure Mode mode, the game offers other modes to play in case you don’t have the time to dive into Adventure Mode. Quick Play offers a variety of modes to play, like Simple Mode which lets you choose an exercise to do as many times as you can within a set timeframe, Minigame Mode where you’ll aim to set a high score within numerous short games, or Sets Mode where you’ll choose your favorite set of exercises to workout specific areas of your body. Overall, Quick Play is also Ringfit Adventure‘s multiplayer mode. After a session of exercising, you can check estimated stats like calories burned, and your heart rate, and can set future fitness goals!

Ringfit Adventure will be available to purchase October 18th, 2019!

While Ringfit Adventure will be the first and so far only game to utilize the Ring-Con and Leg-Strap peripherals, they may be used in future Nintendo games as well. Is this a game you’ll be buying? Do you think the peripherals could be put to use in a Zelda game? Sound off in the comments below!

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