One of the most mysterious races of people in the Zelda series is the Sheikah Tribe. Known for their cryptic ways and connections to the goddess Hylia, this tribe to me always seemed similar to how the Atlanteans are portrayed. What I mean is that the Sheikah seem more like myths at times, but are shown to be technologically advanced in their own ways as well.  That’s why it’s always nice to know more about the tribe, to know information we may not have known about them before.

Zelda Lore, a series done produced Chamber of Sages, recently took a look at the Sheikah Tribe in Breath of the Wild and how they connect to the the other parts of the Zelda timeline. This episode tackles things like the beginnings of the tribe and how it connects with the eventual lineage of Princess Zelda. It evens looks at the Hyrulian Civil War, wherein a majority of the Sheikah Tribe most likely died.

According to this episode, there’s even connections to the Sheikah Tribe via the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time. There’s a possibility that the boss of that temple, Bongo Bongo was once a former member of the tribe. This video is very interesting for those wanting to know a bit more of the Zelda mythos.

What do you think of this video? Is there anything that they may have missed in regards to the Sheikah Tribe? Let us know in the comments below.

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