When most of us hear the words “The Legend of…”, it should come as no surprise that the immediate word that pops into our minds to finish that sentence is “Zelda“. With how big the series has become over the past twenty eight years, it’s hard to think that this isn’t the case for everyone. One major new series has risen in popularity for the past couple of years with a rather similar name, The Legend of Korra. The new Avatar has definitely made quite a name for herself, bringing up a rather interesting question: “Could this new ‘Legend’ possibly rival Zelda?”. The people over at Merchbro decided to find out for themselves.

[Dark Green: Favors Link over Korra | Light Green: Link is winning, but only slightly. | Red: Tied | Blue: Favors Korra over Link]

The vast majority of the United States, especially the middle of it, seems to agree that Link continues to stand tall after all of these years. The two states where Korra is deemed the most popular are California and Hawaii, possibly linking the Avatar’s success to her Southern Water Tribe origin, since no other state closely identifies with surfing as much as those two do. It’s also interesting to note that New Jersey has no preference, showing equal results in popularity for both Link and Korra.

It does seem that Link remains the most popular ‘Legend’, but for how long? Although there were seventeen states where Link was preferred and only two where Korra was, there is an outstanding thirty states where, although Link is preferred, it’s a very close call. The survey could very well be updated later on and show drastically different results, which is very interesting. It could also just as easily lower Korra’s preference, though, thanks to the series having officially ended recently. It is definitely a very interesting subject. Let us know what you guys think of this poll in the comments below!

Source: Merchbro

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