Youtube user JoshuaPursley has recently created a Fan Video on his take of the Legend of Zelda. Its an interesting take, but it is very well done. The video starts with our wounded hero, struggling for his life. He’s wandering around (what I presume to be) Hyrule field. He finds a treasure chest that contains a piece of heart, which then heals and restores our hero. But, Navi points out something else to our hero, a potion. But what does that potion do? Take a look! (Be warned. The ending is very random and may be a little too much for younger viewers.)

I think that its very well done. It obviously took some time. I personally have issues with the ending, because it surprised me and its not how I would have ended it. I really enjoyed some of the hidden things that you see in the video, if you look closely. An interesting take on our favorite series? Yes, but a very enjoyable one.

What did you guys think about this video? If you could have made it yourself, what would you have done differently? Did you spot any cool Easter eggs from the series?

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