Zelda U is slated for 2015… just like it was back during E3. It’s nice seeing the timetable for the game hasn’t changed yet at this point. This is according to a game release list handed out by Nintendo in their latest financial report. There are some nice nuggets in there about other future games, Zelda U still slated for 2015 is just some nice reassurance. I know some fans thought the 2015 date was too optimistic and we wouldn’t get the game until 2016, typically citing evidence of previous game delays in the series.

That evidence was always weak for the more educated fans, because Zelda games have actually rarely been delayed from publicly announced target dates. Twilight Princess is the lone exception, since it was pushed to be ready for a new console launch. Here is the full list:

What I find intriguing is that project Giant Robot, a demo at E3 this year that most didn’t find that great, is actually coming out in the first half of 2015. Always thought that game could use a lot more refinement. Still… I would be silly to not mention Splatoon, a game I am looking forward to almost as much as Zelda.

Source: Nintendo

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