The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past revolutionized the Zelda series and even influenced the foundation of all adventure games after its release. The 16-bit classic is no stranger to exploring, solving puzzles and finding hidden gizmos in an “open world” setting. Relating back to the innovative game play of the novelty Legend of Zelda (NES), the sequel, Adventure of Link, fell short in world exploration and content. After the huge success of the release of the first Zelda (NES), fans anticipated a sequel that would compare and surpass the original, however that was not the case. Not many favored the “open-world” design getting changed to a side-scrolling Mario format. Because of the set back in popularity caused by Zelda II, it was uncertain what the next game in the series would have to offer. As a result of A Link to the Past’s influence, The Completionist decided to complete the iconic game on his YouTube channel of the same name.

A Link to the Past went above and beyond anything imaginable setting standards for games to come. Operating off the basis of the original Zelda game, with a top down perspective exploring an open world, Nintendo took everything that worked in the first game and made it bigger and better with the stronger Super Nintendo console. A Link to the Past has consistently been at the top of the list for the Best Games of all Time. The game is timeless, A Link to the Past looks and feels as great as the day it came out, even just being a 16-bit game, colors are still vivid and regions were all different. The Completionist also takes notice of how many items made their debut in A Link to the Past.

The influence A Link to the Past has on game development is undeniable and impossible to ignore. Mechanics in fantasy and adventure games all draw pieces from this iconic game.  The Completionist treasures this game and would play it a thousand times over just for the pure enjoyment of it, which is clear from his “Complete It” rating. To see what all he has to say about the game, watch the video above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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