The Hyrulian Pantheon is written by The Wolfess, and is a series of articles discussing the pantheon of the Zelda series. That is, they discuss the various deities and other aspects of Hyrulian religion and cosmology, making comparisons with real-world mythologies and pantheons to help discern the nature of Hyrule’s. The series had originally started being published on Zelda Informer but was shortly after brought to Zelda Dungeon instead.

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Author: The Wolfess

Jennie Marie, also called The Wolfess, is getting her Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry at Eastern Washington University. She is the author of a three-book Zelda fan fiction, The Doppelganger Trilogy and does freelance articles for Zelda websites. The Wolfess has written such articles as Zelda Wii Needs An Anti-Hero, Skyward Sword’s Art Style: Straddling the Line or Walking a New Path, and a ten-part series on The Hyrulian Pantheon currently running at