Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Today I bring to you a Japanese Strategy Guide for the original Legend of Zelda, or as its known in Japan, The Hyrule Fantasy. This rare strategy guide includes some amazing artwork that differs from the official artwork seen in the released instruction manuals. The dungeon guides are quite indepth for the first six levels, offering room by room analysis, including screenshots, descriptions, and the number of enemies found in each room. It really is a hidden gem and well worth the $60 I shelled out for the guide. (I blame Melora of History of Hyrule for getting me addicted to these old school pieces of artwork, and thus causing me to empty my wallet to get my hands on it.) 😉

Listed below are links to a few pages that have some sweet artwork. I will have clearer, higher resolution renders of the artwork available in the next few weeks.

Enemy Collage
Friendly Moblin

For more information, check out the Strategy Guides page and view the entire guide at the Image Gallery.

Strategy Guides
The Hyrule Fantasy Strategy Guide

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