After a serious amount of urging from the viewers, the brilliant mind behind “Top10Memes” presents the highly anticipated Top 10 Facts: The Legend of Zelda.

Lemmino, the creator of this million-subscriber channel, exclusively creates videos exploring the top ten facts of many different topics—especially the topics requested by his viewers.

Thankfully, some of these requests were from Zelda fans. He answered those requests with this video, indulging us with the top ten facts of one of our favorite Nintendo original series. Some of these facts pertain to music, others to quotes, but all are 100% Zelda fan gold.

Number one is the early adventure of a young Shigeru Miyamoto that inspired the Zelda series later in life. We learn that with a little courage (and a lantern, since it is dangerous to go alone) we can begin a quest to greatness (a.k.a game design for an incredibly memorable video game series).

But before I spoil any more of the video, go enjoy. Did fact #3 and #9 surprise you as it did me? Let us know in the comments below.

Art Source: Yaguete

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