We’ve certainly had a lot to cover in regards to Twilight Princess HD, which makes sense given the game is releasing in less than a month. One aspect that was extremely intriguing for those who like a challenge is the double damage mechanic offered by the Ganondorf amiibo. While this was a nice addition, Hero Mode’s have traditionally done the same thing… and it does in this game as well. The real question was if Hero Mode and the Ganondorf amiibo can be stacked together. Throughout all of our coverage we never got any real confirmation… until now.

Jose Otero from IGN got a chance to play through Twilight Princess HD and in doing so a Nintendo rep kept constantly telling him to play Hero Mode using the Ganondorf amiibo. He refused to do so because he was having a hard enough time as is, but it clearly does stack to do 4x the damage, thus making Twilight Princess HD‘s Hero Mode with amiibo functionality arguably the hardest Zelda experience to date (Besides The Adventure of Link, which isn’t half bad if you grind!). Remember – there are absolutely zero heart drops in Hero Mode this time around. That means heart pieces, heart containers, and potions/soups combined with hot fairy action will be the only ways to recover hearts (not counting the Princess Zelda amiibo, which can be used one time per play session).

This just made things all the more interesting moving forward. Once we get a copy of the game in house, I’ll be personally live streaming straight to Hero Mode with the 4x damage modifier in place so you can watch me get completely wrecked by a Keese before I even get out of Ordon.

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Source: IGN

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