The First Annual Lozzies

Our friends over at have just completed announcing their first annual Lozzies. What are the Lozzies you may ask? Well, they are a selection of awards presented by given out to numerous other Zelda based websites. Over the past week, all 9 awards have been given out and what do you know, Zelda Dungeon was lucky enough to take home one of them.

Zelda Dungeon won ‘The Strategy Geek‘ award, given to the website with the best game strategy content. I have to say that I’m not overly surprised by the award, but I am certainly honored to have won it. For the better part of our near 8 years of existence, Zelda Dungeon has always had one clear mission statement and that was to provide complete game walkthroughs for the Legend of Zelda series. We admittingly have a long way to go until we feel all our guides are complete and of the highest quality, but it is an ongoing project that we are working on each and every day.

This ongoing dedication can be seen by our entire staff as Caleb is currently finishing up the final touches on the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough, Zenox is revamping the Legend of Zelda Walkthrough, Brandikins is working on the Link’s Awakening Walkthrough, Dabombster and Josh are working on The Wind Waker Walkthrough, and I myself am working on the Twilight Princess Walkthrough.

So here at Zelda Dungeon we are honored to accept the award and we will continue to provide Zelda fans across the globe with the best Zelda based walkthroughs on the net, including a Spirit Tracks Walkthrough once the game ships later this year.

Be sure to visit to check out the winners of the other 8 awards that were given out.

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