The Exodus of Zelda

In my daily search for some interesting tidbits to post here at the site, I came across this youtube video. Normally I wouldn’t post stuff like this, but I got a real giggle out of it and thought some of you would like it. I’m sure some of you might find it a tad bit offensive, so I apologize ahead of time, but here it is, The Exodus of Zelda. I typed out the story presented in the game below.

Many years ago Prince Darkness “Pharaoh” stole part of the “Menorah” with power. Prophet Moses had part of the Menorah pieces with wisdom. He broked it into “8” units to hide it from “Pharaoh” before he was hogtied. Go find the “8” units “(Heroes name in Hebrew text)” to save him.

I’m not sure what’s more funny. The actual storyline or how they still kept the poor grammar from the original story in place. The video goes on to list all the items from the original Legend of Zelda, but renames them to have relevant titles consistent with the storyline and title of the game. There are even some extra items at the end of the listing, such as the “10 Commandments” and the “Menorah of Truth”. In the original Legend of Zelda opening, the scrolling screen ends with, “Please look up the manual for details”. However, in the Exodus of Zelda, it finishes off with, “Please look up the Old Testament for details.”

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