Two notes.  That’s all it takes.  To hook, to sink, to trap.  Two notes, and the Spirit Temple theme suddenly becomes an entrancing song to bring the player into the the game, as they enter the world of mirrors and light.  Now turn these feelings into the hard, powerful, and melodic tunes of progressive metal, and you have a theme worthy of Hylia herself.

This is exactly what musician Ro Panuganti has done. Capturing drawling notes of a sitar and profound declarations of an electric guitar, this rendition of the Spirit Temple theme gives a whole new spin on the music of Ocarina of Time. How beautiful the chorus, how mysterious the melody, and how strong that musical break, oh, my!  It’s like this theme was made for metal!

What do you folks think?  Does this cover do the theme justice?  Let us know in the comments below!

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