Strap yourselves in everybody because we’ve got a… SMASHING EPISODE* of the Champions’ Cast for you! (*I’ll leave soon, I promise)

That’s right, if you weren’t sick to death already of everybody throwing their baseless speculation around about the newest Super Smash Bros. game, you can now listen to Taylor, Savannah, and I – the most baseless speculators of them all! – throw around our hopes and dreams for the new Smash! What do we wanna see from Breath of the Wild make its way in? Is there anyone worthy of becoming a new playable character?? How can Taylor be so wrong about his ranking of the Final Fantasy series??? It’s all here!

But that’s not all. The episode goes to a dark place when the question is brought up of: why does Zelda get no love in the Smash games? This is an episode you won’t wanna miss!

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