One of the more “unique” times for the Zelda series was during its time on the Philips CD-i. The trifecta of Zelda games released for this system proved that no video game franchise is perfect. Like with Hotel Mario, Nintendo decided on taking something that was already great as is and trying something wholly different.

Jirard “Dragon Rider” Khalil AKA The Completionist was convinced by a whole slew of his fans to tackle the middle child of this CD-i family, The Wand of Gamelon, in order to celebrate Zelda Month back in November. On the bright side, there’s not much for Jirard to do in order to complete the title. Since there’s no bonus collectibles, or even secret/alternate endings, all he really needs to do is reach the end of the game.

In what should come as no surprise, Jirard gives The Wand of Gamelon his lowest Completionist Rating, “Donate It”. The only two real positives he gives are that the gameplay backgrounds are decent, and it’s not the worst video game ever made. Everything else on the other hand is what you might expect from a review of this game. The awful FMV cutscenes, the execution, the gameplay mechanics, and the fact that it felt like a massive step backwards for the Zelda series after A Link to the Past are only just a handful of reasons Jirard gives this game a “Donate It”.

What did you think of The Completionist’s review? Was there anything you think he may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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