Whew, what an E3 week it has been! Just last Tuesday we finished up the Press Conferences with a whopping Nintendo presentation and we live streamed it for all of you on Twitch! It was one of the most fun times we’ve had on The Champions’ Cast and we thought we’d get it to all of you who weren’t able to make it to the stream. Andy and I settled in, made our bets, and endured the suffering of each others victories.

With the information overload we received on Smash Ultimate, our jaws dropped and verbal failures were had. But it wasn’t all about Smash. We also shared our thoughts on the rest of E3’s conferences and some pretty knockout titles that were announced. Who won our E3 predictions? Just how excited did I get at the announcement of a certain character returning to Smash? How off the wall was Andy at the final character reveal? Find all this out and more on this episode of The Champions’ Cast!



You can also check out the video form of this episode here!


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