Update: In an article highlighting the Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Guide, Nintendo Japan states that The Champion’s Ballad will be available “Winter 2017.” While this download card may be used to download the DLC pack eventually, it does not guarantee that pack will release the same day as the card.

Nintendo Japan recently added a listing for a Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass download card on its website, displaying artwork for both The Master Trials DLC (released in June) and The Champions’ Ballad DLC (still unreleased). Perhaps most interesting about the download card is that it has a release date of November 23rd, leading some to believe that the official release of The Champions Ballad will be November 23rd as well.

Nintendo Japan lists the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Download Card at ¥ 2,315 yen (approximately $20 USD). The November 23rd release date lines up with the release of the new Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition Bundle, which was announced earlier this week. While we have no official confirmation yet, we may just get our hands on The Champions’ Ballad by the end of the month.

What do you make of this listing? Are you hoping to play The Champions’ Ballad later this month? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Japan (via Japanese Nintendo on Twitter)

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