A year or so ago I wrote a editorial talking about the infamous Zelda Cycle. Honestly, I don’t feel it exists, at least not in the way it is interpreted. I don’t honestly think fan opinion flip flops as much as the cycle suggest, but rather that folks that always liked or disliked a game have had that same opinion – they just speak up at different times. As an example – if I am enjoying Skyward Sword as I am playing, I am too busy enjoy it to be on the internet singing praise. The haters, on the other hand, have no problem spewing that opinion, because they aren’t enjoying their time and likely stopped playing.

Over time, this changes, as the hate crusade comes to a close and they have a new game to focus on, and the folks that liked the last game a lot finally get a chance to speak up. All of this and more is covered in this weeks episode of The Boss Man.

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