The Blood Moon has risen once again, and the artists of Atelier Hylia have released a chilling new collection of artwork just in time for Halloween. These works of Zelda fanart based upon some of history’s spookiest pieces of art varying from Caravaggio to Ray Coyle. These stunning works of art are inspired by the artistic masters of old, and are a sight to behold. And if you missed our original coverage on Atelier Hylia, you can check out their website and you can read Zelda Dungeon’s previous piece on them here.


The Blood Moon Tomes released yesterday and is available to download for free, along with their first collection of artwork too. As an artist myself, I love seeing Master Studies that meld into different fandoms, especially when that fandom is The Legend of Zelda. I don’t want to spoil the entire collection, but I do want to share a couple of my favorites.

My favorite of the entire collection is a Master Study of Caravaggio’s Narcissus. Caravaggio is personally one of my favorite artists of all time, and I was positively giddy when I saw artist Whitney’s rendition of his work. This is truly beautiful, and I love seeing Link and Dark Link like this. Magnificent work!


I also loved artist Mimi’s take on Sasha Schneider’s Death. Seeing Ganondorf like this is honestly terrifying, and the artist captured that deathly feel so well. Who knew that something so deathly terrifying could be so beautiful?


These pieces await you in a deep forgotten wing of Hyrule Castle, so venture forth if you dare. Be sure to download The Blood Moon Tomes here and to check out more from Atelier Hylia over on Twitter.

What did you think of The Blood Moon Tomes? Did these few pieces pique your interest to explore more of Hyrule’s lost art gallery? Which one felt the spookiest to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Atelier Hylia

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