The “Big Day” Approaching!

There’s actually two events coming up, one being Layout 16, the other is… I’m getting married! I posted a few months ago saying I was engaged, and the big day is three days from now (April 4th). With all the wedding planning and all that it entails, I’ve been a little busy, and we’ll be on our honeymoon here in a few days.

Although I haven’t been adding chapters to the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough, I have been working on them, but with the switch over to the new Layout, there are many coding changes that had to be done (on every single page *whew*) in order for it to work properly. This layout is going to be a little more dynamic, mainly focussed at making some pretty snazzy guide material. That’s been my project off and on for the past few months, working behind the scenes, and it’ll be ready to release soon.

I’ll be back in a few weeks, laterz

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