Like with all great Zelda games, there’s always some mystery to unravel, whether it’s something as simple as beating the Running Man in Ocarina of Time, or even trying to figure out how to get to the Chris Houlihan room in A Link to the Past. The topic we’re looking at today uncovers a long-running mystery in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

In a recent mini-episode of Shesez’s Boundary Break series, he takes a look at the biggest mystery in Zelda II: the curtain scene at the end of the game. For those who haven’t played the game in a while, the final scene shows a curtain slowly lowering on Link and Princess Zelda. When the curtain is just about to drop to the floor, you can see what appears to be the Princess getting much closer to Link, implying that she gives him a kiss.

To solve this mystery, Shesez removes the curtain graphic in order to see this scene differently. Once removed, we now see that Princess Zelda is actually giving Link a friendly hug. While it appears that Link has been “friend zoned”, Shesez points out that the Princess’ “hug” is actually just her sprite going into the background. He determines that the way the scene is set up, Link does in fact get a kiss from her.

Besides the curtain scene, there were some other interesting items Shesez discovered in this episode. For example he found that when you try to go completely out of bounds while in a dungeon, it will automatically warp Link to the outside of the temple.

Another interesting thing he found happens when you encounter an enemy on the sprite of the River Devil. What happens is that Link is taken to the King’s Tomb. This was supposedly an area exclusive to the Famicom Disk version of Zelda II, but was replaced in the NES version with a daylight version that has an old lady there.

The bridge that supposedly links one area to another doesn’t actually connect them. Shesez finds that when you actually walk past the warp point, you can clearly see the bridge is not fully linked. If you walk from the right side to the left you find that the path will actually will actually lead Link somewhere near Death Mountain. There were a couple other intriguing discoveries as well, so definitely check out the entire episode.

What do you think of this video? Will you be checking out any more of Shesez Boundary Break episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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