In the first episode of Zelda Warfare, I established a strong lead during our swordless challenge in the Deku Tree. I may have won the battle, but the war isn’t over. In today’s campaign, we lay siege to Hyrule Castle. We collect a couple Gold Skulltulas, do battle with a Peahat, and Mases now has a new grudge with a giant Stalchild.

Mases and I also try our hand at stealth and burglary in our infiltration of Hyrule Castle, to varying degrees of success. There are definitely some ridiculous moments, but to see the ultimate victor, take a look at the video! Also, let us know how you are enjoying Zelda Warfare.

Who are you rooting for? What are some other fun challenges you would like to see us try? If you did enjoy, you can subscribe to us on YouTube to know when we release more. There’s also a bunch of other videos over there worth checking out! Until then, we will see you on the battlefield!

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