The Art of Guide Writing

Hyrule-Warriors-Heart-ContainerWe’ve been hard at work on our Hyrule Warriors Guide over the last few days and we hope to have it complete by the time the game releases here in the United States next month. As we’re crafting the guide, we’ve been talking among the staff about how exactly we’ve wanted to comprise this walkthrough. Unlike our Wind Waker HD Walkthrough, A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough, or any of the other Zelda games that have involved lots of puzzles, or at times the game was unclear as to where you had to go, none of that seems to be an issue with Hyrule Warriors.

In fact, looking at many of the gameplay videos that have popped up, Hyrule Warriors seems to be one of the most hand-holding Zelda games that I’ve ever seen. Not to say that it’s an easy game, as difficult sliders can make the combat very challenging. However, almost at all times an indicator on the map is blinking, which screams to the player what you can or need to do. It’s going to be quite rare that a player simply doesn’t know what he’s suppose to do.

Thus, when crafting our Hyrule Field chapter and the subsequent chapters in the Hyrule Warriors Walkthrough, we’re going to be taking a bit of a different route. The main guide is going to be a simple, bullet-point oriented guide, which we will eventually compliment with quality maps and screens. We’ll have detailed boss guides, but beyond that, our walkthrough will be focused heavily on the optional ‘side’ material, including the Hyrule Warriors Heart Pieces and the Hyrule Warriors Gold Skulltulas.

Hyrule Warriors is clearly a shift from any Zelda game before, and likewise, our guide through the game will be much different as well. Stay tuned in the coming days as we continue to upgrade the page. Also, if you are interested in helping out, feel free to contact me on Skype. (Username: armochicken13).

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