Part 3 of The Amazing BrandO’s musical journey through the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is now available. In case you’ve missed any of them, the First Episode covered The Secret Passage at the start of the game, while the Second Episode focused on Link’s adventure through Hyrule Castle.

In this third episode, Link starts off in the Sanctuary before beginning to navigate through the overworld. After making his way around much of the overworld, he will eventually find himself in Kakariko Village. After some brilliantly laid out lyrics, the song suddenly twists to the point where BrandO’s is playing the 50’s classic Earth Angel, along with footage from Back to the Future. It really is eerily strange how similar the Kakariko Village theme sounds like the music of Earth Angel. As usual with BrandO’s music, there are several instances where the lyrics can be very inappropriate for some ages.

I have been in contact with Brando and asked him about what type of release schedule he was looking at for the Zelda 3 project. He responded by stating, “I’m just kind of taking things slowly. If I can release at least one episode a month, that’s my goal.” We’ll surely be keeping you up to speed with all of BrandO’s latest music pieces, so stay tuned.

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