A few weeks back we posted episode 1 of The Amazing BrandO’s journey through A Link to the Past. If you missed the previous post, the gist of it is that BrandO does fan renditions of some of the in-game Zelda songs while adding lyrics to the tracks. He’s done this for a handful of older titles, including songs for the original Legend of Zelda and the Adventure of Link. For A Link to the Past though, BrandO is creating an entire series of songs. The first one focused on the games introduction area and this second episode takes Link into Hyrule Castle. As usual with BrandO’s songs, this track does have quite a bit of swear words and some other mature language that isn’t suitable for younger audiences.

I personally think this track is really good. In my opinion it is better than the first episode, but both of them are still quite good. He does a good job referencing a lot of the in-game material, while poking fun with other Zelda references. It’s still unclear what the release schedule is for these videos, but we’ll likely be bringing them to you from this point forward as soon as they release. Remember, if you really like what you hear and want to see more, I strongly encourage you support the cause by Donating a few bucks to BrandO.

In case you missed episode 1, I’ve included the video below. Be sure to let us know what you think of both episodes by posting in the comments below!

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