rvl_zeldass_05ss05_e3Austin of the ThatOneShowFun YouTube channel, well-known for his popular show, Eggbusters, has a new show called Cross Examination, and the first episode is on Skyward Sword. There are a lot of critiques of the Wii title that regularly float around the web that are of, admittedly, questionable quality. Austin discusses the weak arguements people often use in their internet reviews in the first part of his Skyward Sword episode.

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I’ll admit, there are some very noteable issues with Skyward Sword, but there is no question that there is an over-abundance of rather badly-made reviews. Though some of his statements are a little shakey in my eyes, Austin’s examination is funny and well-put-together, and I agree with it overall. I certainly hope he touches upon the two major points I usually take issue with in most Skyward Sword reviews: its linearity, and especially its controls. I still firmly believe that if so many people have zero issues with the motion controls, then the people that take issue with them must be using/syncing them wrong.

Did you guys agree with Austin’s arguements? Will you be checking in for more parts to the Skyward Sword episode? Drop a comment below!

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