tumblr_lv90aokDmt1qlw4ddo1_500ThatOneShowFUN‘s Austin, host of popular YouTube show Eggbusters, has released Part 2 of his Cross-Examination episode on Skyward Sword. This show is designed to not only educate people on how to properly criticize the game in question, but to also show people the best ways to criticize media in general. In Skyward Sword‘s case, there is a lot of stuff people tend to bash, so knowing how to judge it from an objective and fair way is important for those wanting to review and critique it. Cross-Examination goes through the toughest arguments against the Wii title, and looks at why each one is worth concidering or not.

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Make sure to watch Part 1 first!

I really love these videos. While I do not agree with some points Austin makes, I very much appreciate that he is trying so hard to help people understand the best ways to argue one’s views. And he does not even tell us whether he likes Skyward Sword or not. I also really like that he looked at the validity of some of the comments from Part 1.

Are you interested in watching Part 3? What are your thoughts on some of these popular opinions of Skyward Sword? Drop a comment!

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